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SAP Analytics Solution

Analytics SAP Analytics Solution

SAP Analytics Cloud: Transforming Businesses with Advanced Cloud Analytics Cloud-based, powerful analytics to help you transform your business strategies

Welcome to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a cloud-based IT analytics solution designed to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data

SAC, also known as SAP Cloud Analytics, offers a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities that empower businesses to uncover valuable insights, collaborate effectively, and achieve their strategic goals.

does SAP analytics add to your business?

In today's world, businesses need robust analytics tools to:

  • Gain actionable insights
  • Drive intelligent decision-making

SAP Analytics Cloud will perform both these tasks with its cloud-driven comprehensive analytics solution that integrates various functionalities. It can integrate the following in a single platform:

  • Business intelligence
  • Planning
  • Augmented analytics
  • Predictive analytics

In simple words, it is highly useful to effortlessly connect, prepare, visualize, and analyze data from diverse sources. This includes data located on-premises and in the cloud.

SAP solution integrates different databases

Your worst fear would be if you install SAP analytics cloud what will happen to your current database? Will it disrupt my current business flow?

MACE assures you that we offer the best SAP cloud analytics in Canada that will seamlessly integrate with SAP systems, non-SAP databases, and also third-party applications. They boast of a wide range of data connectivity options, facilitating seamless integration

You can leverage data from multiple sources, ensuring a 360 degree perspective of their operations.

SAP solution helps increase productivity

You may fear that installing SAP solutions will force you to hire new staff for SAP Analytics operations.

With this tool, your pre-existing staff can easily navigate through data, effortlessly create visually captivating dashboards and reports, and seamlessly share valuable insights with stakeholders, fostering effective collaboration, increased productivity and enabling informed decision-making.

The user-friendly interface of SAP Analytics Cloud is beneficial for all as it caters to the needs of business users, data analysts, and decision-makers.

Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud
Implementing SAP Analytics Cloud offers numerous benefits to organizations:

Comprehensive Analytics Suite

It has a comprehensive analytics suite, including data visualization, planning and budgeting, predictive analytics, and augmented analytics. This is an all-in-one package.With SAP analytics you do not need multiple fragmented tools, and this prevents confusions or reiterations in workflows

Cloud-Based Agility and Scalability

As a cloud-based solution, it offers agility and scalability. You may be a small or medium business enterprise today. But, with SAP analytics solution you can aspire to become a large business enterprise. This IT solution will effortlessly handle large volumes of data, and keep you updated with changing business needs.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

With SAP analytics, you can get real-time insights, and make data-driven decisions with predictive analytics. Leverage advanced algorithms to identify patterns, detect any form of anomalies, and gain a critical insight about data.


SAP Analytics Cloud has real-time collaboration and sharing features that encourages collaboration among team members. You can share reports, dashboards, and data stories. This fosters a culture of teamwork and collective decision-making. This ability to collaborate and share insights in real-time enhances productivity.

Integration with other SAP Ecosystem

SAC seamlessly integrates with other SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. With this seamless integration, there will be data consistency across all the departments of the organization. You can leverage your existing investments to the maximum with this IT analytics. It enhances data flow, reduces errors, and ensures unified approach to analytics.

Advanced Predictive and Augmented Analytics

SAC goes beyond traditional analytics capabilities by offering advanced predictive and augmented analytics features. You can find out significant hidden insights, detect any form of security-related or user-behaiour related, audit logs related, data transfer related anomalies, and make accurate predictions

Advantages Over Alternative Solutions

MACE IT Solutions Company also offers IBM Planning Analytics and Power BI. They are competent alternative analytics solutions to SAP Analytics Cloud. Yet, SAP analytics cloud is distinct and different from the others.

IBM Planning Analytics Power BI SAP Analytics Cloud
Integrated Analytics Suite:
focuses on planning and budgeting primarily does data visualization Does planning, budgeting and data visualization
Seamless Integration
Integration has few limitations and may require third party tools except for SAP systems like SAP HANA or SAP Business Warehouse Integration has few limitations and may require third party tools except for SAP systems like SAP HANA or SAP Business Warehouse. Integrates well with other Microsoft products seamlessly integrates with the broader SAP ecosystem
Collaboration and Sharing:
Lesser degree of collaboration and sharing features Lesser degree of collaboration and sharing features robust collaboration and sharing features


At MACE, we believe that small and medium business enterprises too need data-driven decision-making and advanced analytics tools. SAP Analytics Cloud is that powerful solution you’re your organisation needs to accelerate growth through exploring the fullest potential of their data.

With its comprehensive suite of features, cloud-based agility, and seamless integration with the SAP ecosystem, SAC enables businesses to drive innovation, gain valuable insights, and achieve their strategic objectives.

Partner with MACE IT solutions, to embark on a transformative journey with SAP Analytics Cloud, and unlock the power of data for success in the digital era.

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