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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

What is Microsoft Business Dynamics

Dynamics 365 Business central is a business resource enterprise that is dynamic. It accommodates multiple functionalities, configures various other services by Microsoft, eases usability, and implements innovation with the most recent industry compliance standards

Let’s help you decide why Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Customized functionality, high integration, and easy configuration are the niche features of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Their integration with other Microsoft products, especially with the Microsoft office 365, and power platform (Power Apps, Power Automate or Microsoft Flow and Power BI).
  • The functionality of Microsoft dynamics is robust and includes finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, project management, fixed assets overview, relationship management, human resources, production planning, assembly management, manufacturing, warehouse management, service management, general business functionality and local functionality.
  • The customized suite will enable usability through updated training, quick-start tutorials, video library.
  • Business Central can be operated on the cloud and works on devices such as smartphones and laptops
  • CRM microsoft dynamics 365 is in sync with the latest industry compliance norms.

Benefits of adopting Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamic 365’s ecosystem is dynamic in its integration.

Let’s take an example: Microsoft 365 can quickly scan all the products available in an inventory in Toronto (inventory management), analyze the vendor accounts and their purchase history (sales). Next, it can analyze the prices (Finance) and assemble the correlated items in a single kit for the best price (assembly management and budget)

Microsoft 365 integrates a host of Microsoft products that can connect without interruptions and provide consistent and updated data flow.

For instance: Microsoft 365 can scan a product XYZ across all the branches in Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec (Inventory Management). It can further assess which city in Canada has a higher demand for that product and manage the sales process, quotes, and invoices as per the demand of the product. All this can happen error-free and automatically within the business ecosystem..

Integration beyond Microsoft Dynamics:

You will be surprised to know how Microsoft Dynamics can integrate beyond the functionalities. The other Microsoft products and services that can be well integrated into Microsoft Dynamics are:

Microsoft Office 365: This allows the integration of applications such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and SharePoint. This integration helps users to access Dynamics data. Further, tasks such as analysis are operated within the Microsoft app itself.

Power Platform: The applications in this platform are plenty and Power BI, Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow). and Power Apps are a few. These tools customize the interface, front-end, and back-end operations and automate workflows using Dynamics data.

Azure Services: Services by Microsoft Azure (Azure AI, Azure IoT, and Azure Machine Learning) are also integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. This plays a key role in data analytics, AI operations and IoT network connectivity.

Microsoft Teams: Teams can help in communication internally across various departments and externally with the clients and vendors. This direct communication can help you build the team and client rapport for consistent productivity.

SQL Server and Azure SQL Database: The benefit of integrating Microsoft Dynamics and SQL Server or Azure SQL Database is secure data storage and efficient retrieval.

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