Let’s look at two scenarios:

Scenario 1: : Matt (50) owns an apparel store in Toronto. He is your valuable and recurring client. Matt recently purchased a new product during his visit to your Ottawa office. However, after returning to Toronto, Matt learns that the product does not suit his requirements. He asks the Toronto office for the product return.

• Should he travel to Ottawa to return the order?
• Should he connect with the Ottawa office to send him a copy of the invoice for return at the Toronto office?

Scenario 2: Elizabeth (35) works at the sales department in your Vancouver office. She has been a competent and loyal employee for the last 8 years. Finally, she is buying her dream home and has applied for a home loan. The bank has requested some employment and income details.

• Should she be waiting for HR’s availability to receive these documents?

SAP Business One’s mode of issue resolution:

1. In scenario 1, Matt would otherwise consume at least a few days to return his recent purchase and receive a refund. But with SAP Business One, Matt's purchase from the Ottawa office will be updated on the Customer Relations Management portal. The Toronto office can instantly access the invoice, buyer's name, date and time of purchase, quantity, and product details with one click. Matt can return the product at the Toronto office, and also receive a refund in less than an hour. Thanks to SAP Business One!

2. In scenario 2, Elizabeth would otherwise have to wait for the HR meeting to get the required documents. But, with SAP Business One, your employee would simply have to log in to the employee knowledge portal curated by SAP Business One. This portal can help her generate all the required employment-related documents. With SAP Business One, this would only take her a few minutes of navigation on a web-enabled device.

Advantages of SAP Business one:

SAP Business One is a one-stop solution for customized and user-friendly business planning software for your growing business enterprise. It offers a simple buying experience for the client; it minimizes manual efforts for all users and automatizes data retrieval across departments within an office and across offices in different cities in Canada.

(The following can be in a box format)

Finance and accounting management:

(The following can be in a box format)
• Analyses the financial data through visually appealing reports and stats
• Assesses stocks, account payables, and account receivables accurately
• Streamlines the investments for future projects, infrastructure, and billings

Marketing and sales management:

•Offers significant insights about marketing and sales metrics (conversion rate, quarterly reports, and the like)
• Ensures end-to-end tracking process (invoice updates, customer interactions, conversion rates, client loyalty, social media campaigns, buyer experience based on testimonials, feedback, and the like).
• Designs a sales dashboard to closely monitor data related to real-time sales in a visually enriching manner on daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly intervals (such as quarterly reports, and sales metrics).

Customer relationship management:

• Expands your customer network
• Traces customer interactions (responding to queries, sending quotations)
• Ensures data security for customer profiles
• Evaluates employee performance for different clientele
• Identifies most profitable clients and prospective ones too
• Takes stock of client feedback
• Draws robust charts on client portfolios, sales, and purchases

Inventory Management:

• Tracks purchase orders
• Takes stock of inventory across offices in different cities for optimal resource management
• Helps in cost-effective purchase plans through longitudinal analysis of end-to-end business process
• Streamlines further purchases based on the sale, usage, and demand of certain stocks.

Human resource management:

• Regulates positive employee experience through smooth onboarding, customized and user-friendly dashboards, and robust employee portals
• Assures hassle-free internal audit (employee numbers, payrolls, incentives)
• Predetermines the performance parameters
• Assesses employee performance objectively by defining the key performance indicators (KPI)

Communications management:

• Regulate internal communication through emails, newsletters, ad-hoc reports, visually-driven sales, and marketing reports, and user experience (through website navigation for customers and employees)
• Enables data centralization
• Enables data security even under work-from-home scenarios
• Takes stock of on-site and off-site content on the company’s website
• Maintains uniform communication for employees and clients across various offices (in the form of emails, newsletters, social media posts, ratings, offers, and the like)

How does it work?

• It is an on-premise or cloud-based software
• It only needs a web-enabled device
• It can be subscribed annually, bi-annually, or monthly

Choose SAP Business One to

SAP Business One offers an automated business intelligence plan which is centralized, user-friendly, and customized for your needs. If you believe that your company’s employee portal and customer engagement have to be refurbished, we can curate that for you through technologically-driven software. This can further be expanded across different departments within the business

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