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When the business is growing and you want to automatize it for internal and external operational efficiency, ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the key. Canada, one of the largest global economies, draws its GDP largely through service-based industries. Canada’s major industries (real estate (rental and leasing), mining and quarrying, manufacturing, construction, social and health care, educational services and others) need a digital ERP solution to optimize their businesses extraordinarily. SAP Business One is the most efficient and affordable business resource planning solution in Canada

The best ERP Software: SAP Business One

At SAP Business One, we offer customized resource planning software based on your company’s requirements. You can also choose between on-premise software (software solution hosted on the company’s server) and cloud-based ERP software (software solution hosted on the cloud and accessible to users without geographical limitations). You can subscribe for it yearly/monthly or bi-annually. We centralize your data efficiently and securely! All you need is a web-enabled device!

SAP Business One reduces the manual efforts and automatizes the various departmental operations for your company in all or few of the following areas (as per your choice):

• finance and accounting
• sales and marketing
• customer relationship management
• inventory management
• human resource management
• communications management

Why choose SAP Business One

We should be your business planning software choice if you are facing the following issues:

1. Do you have offices in Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, and other cities in Canada and abroad and are worried about data inaccessibility across these locations?

2. Did your Vancouver office urgently need the marketing metrics and ad-hoc reports of the Toronto office for a quick presentation and the Toronto office was unavailable at that hour?

3. Did your sales team or help desk team waste 3 previous working hours just to find a ticket raised by a valuable client after a recent purchase?

4. Did your marketing executive need a quick review of the quarterly sales report during an ongoing call with the sales team for quick decision-making?

5. Did your customer relations team want to review the projects in the pipeline and land on 100-page data that consumed a day to comprehend?

6. Did your marketing head for the Calgary office search for the previous version of a product ad to show a client during a client meeting?

7. Did your communications or finance team consume an entire working day to generate a quarterly report?

SAP Business One can resolve all these issues in a quick, automated, efficient, and accurate manner. It has:

1. Cloud-based software solution that allows global access without geographical limitations. So an office in Quebec can retrieve data about the Toronto office and vice versa.

2. An automated solution that generates any off-site or on-site content with just a few clicks on the customized software that can be accessible in Quebec or Toronto, at the office, or from an employee’s home (based on your needs)

3. Software solution to enable collabs between departments so a sales team can easily retrieve information about tickets raised and the help desk is automatically informed about the follow-ups through an auto-generated mail and the like

4. Software that generates ad-hoc reports and any such business data in few clicks for easy access across departments

5. Tools that generate, review, assess and draw inferences about projects in the pipeline, ongoing projects, customer profiles, and any such business developments in a few seconds or minutes

6. Content management software that enables retrieval of older versions for review, audit, or reconsideration

7. A solution that automatizes ad-hoc reports and other data through automated preset technology-driven processes in less than a few minutes

How does SAP Business One help your business?

(The following can be in a box format)

Analyze finance and accounting operations:

• Analyses the financial data through visually appealing reports and stats
• Provides better visibility for future projects
• Assesses stocks, account payables, and account receivables accurately
• Plans for future investments, projects, and billings

Strategize sales and marketing:

• Provides insights into the sales and marketing decisions longitudinally
• Consistently reassesses sales and marketing strategies
• Ensures tracking of the end-to-end sales process with invoice updates and customer connections by sales rep, emails or newsletters, or social media posts by the marketing team, or testimonials, feedback, ratings, and other experience by the buyer.
• Designs a sales dashboard to closely monitor data related to real-time sales in a visually enriching manner on daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly intervals (such as quarterly reports, and sales metrics).

Maintain customer relationship management:

• Expands your customer network
• analyzes the most profitable clientele
• Identifies prospective customers
• Formulates and sends quotations
• Follows up on client feedback

Inventory Management:

• Tracks purchase orders
• Proposes cost-effective purchase plans at competent prices
• Checks the inventory regularly for optimal management of resources

Regulates human resources:

• Handles the human resource through smooth onboarding, customized dashboards, and user-friendly employee portals
• Assures hassle-free internal audit
• Predetermines the performance parameters
• Assesses employee performance objectively

Streamline communications:

• Regulate internal communication through emails, in-house newsletters, ad-hoc reports, visually-driven sales and marketing reports, website content for customers and employees
• Enables work-from-home for employees when need be and yet ensures data and cyber security
• Updates the on-site and off-site content on the company’s website for easy navigation of potential and existing clients

Why choose SAP Business One:

We are known to curate a user-friendly business solution to suit the way you work. The User Interaction portal ensures secure customer profiles, timely collection of client feedback, and follow-ups on complaints (if any), data security, and better employee experience

Choose SAP Business One to

• Upgrade and automate your business operations
• Centralize your data on a cloud
• Leverage your brand value in the market
• Expand your clientele
• Build a happy client base
• Boost the sales, revenue and profits
• Accelerate productivity, and reduce manual work
• Ensure optimal collaboration across all offices
• Enable easy access through any web-enabled device (desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones)

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